Tollman's Alessi

The design of the store works in a radial pattern, it is first and formeost a multi brand store that at its heart has an Allessi plexi glass structure which wraps arround a column creating a circulation space that is intended for the consumer to experience the products from all of its sides. This is due to both the transparency of the structure and the reflectivity of the ceiling. There are a series of curved podiums which help to display the accessories. Podiums and short videos present icons of design further enhancing our understanding of the products on display. The design store faces a glass vitrine which is intentionally clouded in order to enjoy the change of natural daylight whilst not being blinded by the light. The store utilises pockets that are created by the circulation to display its accessories. 


Concrete, MDF Painted white, Berisol



300 sqm

David Lebenthal

Visual Concept and Design
Raphael Navot, Paris

Plexi Structure
Leonard Radziwilski, Paris

Amit Geron