TLV Apartment Meir Tower

The brief was to create a lite and airy holiday home in Tel Aviv. 
The program consisted of a large open space with Salon, Dinning room and Kitchen, two bedroom suites and master bedroom suite. There is an emphasis on bespoke detailing and material articulation which is evident throughout.  The result is a spacious home that accomodates the needs of the clients whilst creating a unique material and spacial experience for each of the family members. The materials both complement the space and create unique environments throughout. The natural light and artificial lighting play an important role in definging the space. The layout of the apartment creates spaces that allow for multiple functions to occur simultaneously without interuption. 


Whitened oak flooring, Black marble, White sugar, and aged brass. 



280 Sqm apartment + 30 sqm balcony

Architecture and detailing                         David Lebenthal Architects, DZL

Principle Architecture                                David Lebenthal

Design team                                             David Lebenthal,Ayala Grunwald 

Interior Decor                                           Ash Design London

Design                                                     Sharon Elalouf

Project team                                             Morgane Ferre

Photography                                             Aviad Bar-Ness