Herzylia Pituah Media Office

The brief was to create a dynamic office space, an idea center for a internet media corporation. The program consisted of a large open space with three closed offices and a conference room. The rooms are small pavilions within the main double height space. There is an emphasis on flexibility and team work in this anti hierarchical space.  The result is a spacious work space that accommodates the needs of the clients whilst creating a unique material and spacial experience for each of the teams. The layout of the office creates spaces that allow for multiple functions to occur simultaneously without interruption. 


Exposed Concrete, Birch ply and Black sheet metal 




200 Sqm office space

Architecture and detailing: David Lebenthal Architects, DZL
Principle Architect: David Lebenthal
Design team: Architect David Lebenthal, Architect Ayala Grunwald

Photography: Tal Nissim