Basel Duplex

The project sits in a quiet residential neighborhood in North Tel Aviv near basel square the park and port.
The apartment is situated on the roof of a refurbished building from the 50’s which over-went a “Tama” refurbishment and extension.

Our brief was to design a single family dwelling for a couple, their children and grandchildren.  A place for family, friends and entertainment. We faced a challenge in fitting all of the necessary programs whilst giving each potential visitor a unique space that is designed to suit their needs.

The apartment is warm and bright, and natural daylight plays a huge role in defining the spaces.  The pergolas louvres can rotate to regulate daylight whilst providing an additional outdoor area. The pool and roof terrace provide a large recreational space which


Bianco Lasa Marble,Bleached Oak and Bronze.



Lower Floor150 sqm, Roof 95 sqm

Roof Terrace
180 sqm

Design Team
David Lebenthal, Tal Yaniv

Project Architect
David Lebenthal