Apple Seeds Academy

Apple seeds is an NGO working with children in the peripheral cities of Israel. By making technology accessible to all, they teach local children skill sets that will enable them to better integrate themselves into the modern workforce.  The Apple Seeds hub and headquarters is set within the center of Ramla.  It is a diverse city that has both arabs and jews christians and moslems. The project consists of a new build hub designed by Architect Tal Feist and a conservation building. The design brief was to create an office and learning environment based on five core values. The values were as follows- Transparency, innovation, connectivity, versatility and collaboration. The design aims to stitch old and new and create a modern and technological substructure which will help inspire those that come to learn and work at apple seeds. 



Concrete, Antracite Sheet Metal, Exposed sandstone, Terrazzo



800 sqm

Architect: Tal Feist

Interior Design: David Lebenthal

Eyal Tegar