Neve Tzedek Boutique 

The brief was to create a sustainable store at the heart of Newe Zedek, Tel Aviv. The ephemeral quality of the space led to a design which rellies on a series of flexible and free standing design elements that could potentially be dismantled and rebuilt in another site. 
The existing building was kept as raw as possible exposing the structural work and brickwork. This was maintained in order to contrast the quality of the clothes that are presented with the crudeness of the space. 
The built furniture consists of four primary materials: Glass, Metal, Concrete and Wood. 
The glass is used to mirror the space and create a sense of depth. 
The metal has three material applications- matt brass, oxodysed brass and painted sheet metal. The metal contrasts the glass creating a litness through its thickness. Its matt reflectivity creates a blurring of the space and creates a golden backdrop. The pattenated steel and brass strengthen the crude industrial feel and are in contrast to the sleek design.
The concrete turns the space into a gallery, by selectivvely maintaining the structure we choose to highlite the existing structural qualities of the space. 
Wood was incorporated in the changing room and storage area in order to soften up the load and add a warm materiality to the space. 
These elements are repeated throughout the space in different scales and variations in order to create a link between use and materiality. 



60 sqm

Design Team
David Lebenthal, Tal Shittrit

Project Architect
Tal Shittrit

Stefano Cometta